Your Artificial Turf Needs a Check-Up Once a Year

Just like annual spring cleaning, an annual check-up for your artificial turf is equally important because it’s a form of preventative maintenance.

Even though it doesn’t need to same deep cleaning treatment like the natural grass, it should be inspected carefully at least once a year to identify and fix any small problems before they grow into something bigger.

Whether you have installed artificial turf as a bocce ball court in your backyard or as a lawn in front of your home, you should call the professionals for artificial turf near you for a thorough inspection once a year.

How to take care of your artificial turf?

Most people choose artificial grass because it is sustainable (doesn’t need water or harmful chemicals) and easy to maintain. Here are some quick steps you can take to maintain your artificial turf and ensure it lasts longer:

· Routinely pick up any debris that may land on the turf. It only takes a minute and it won’t lead to the growth of mold or funny smells. When the fall comes, you should gently rake the turf grass to remove the leaves and twigs that may fall onto it. You can also use a power broom if your lawn is large.

· Rinse it with the hose every month or so to clean the accumulated dust or immediately after poop pick-up. Since artificial turf drains and dries quickly, your evergreen lawn will be back-to-new within minutes.

· Use a natural bristle brush to fluff up the high traffic areas every now and then.

These steps are easy to follow and you can inspect your turf in leisure as you work through this regimen. If you put even the minimum effort into it, your artificial turf will easily last for 20-25 years.

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time for your first outdoor soiree. Whether it’s a family get-together or a BBQ with your friends, your guests will be pretty impressed with your maintenance skills!

Also, don’t forget to clean out all the game equipment (for example, golf) you use to play on the artificial grass.

Artificial Turf Installers Near Me

Don’t want to take up another DIY project? Don’t have enough time? Give us a call and one of our artificial turf installers near you will handle the job for you. We offer a variety of ongoing and one-time artificial turf maintenance services depending on your needs.

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