Enjoy The Artificial Turf With These Fun Activities

As we are heading into spring and summer, folks are busy trying to take full advantage of artificial turf installation and getting their outdoor spaces ready for summer fun.

Whether it’s playing Frisbee with your friends or a water fight with the kids, artificial grass landscaping offers you a variety of options to make use of the area.

How about taking the fun up a notch? Here are some tips on how you can live it up with artificial turf near you.

Bocce ball

So, what if it originated in the early 5200 BC in Ancient Egypt! Bocce ball is one of the oldest and highly popular sports in the world, and it can be played in your backyard.

It is mostly played on concrete or sand but artificial turf is quickly becoming a preferred choice since it offers a leveled and clean surface to play on.

If you are looking for a low-maintenance yet super-fun backyard activity to engage in with your family, you cannot go wrong with installing a bocce ball court in your home.

Jungle Gym

If you have young children, you can consider installing a synthetic grass play area for them. Since it is padded to prevent injury from falls and absorb shock, it is much safer for your little ones than real grass.

Also, the artificial turf makes sure there are no splinters, grass stains, or mud is awaiting you once the kids get back inside.

If you are looking for an extremely durable and safe option that can withstand all the roughhousing your kids can manage, a jungle gym system is an excellent choice for you.

Slip ‘n’ slide

Can you think of a better way to cool off in the scorching summer heat than with a water fight? We can’t.

Loading up the water guns, unrolling the Slip ‘n’ Slide, or simply running through the sprinklers – all of this sounds good except your natural grass can get muddy and waterlogged with excessive water use.

Instead, call the installation professionals for artificial turf near you and enjoy the water fights without any worries. Since the artificial grass won’t get muddy or damaged, you don’t have to clean up any messes once the fun time is over.

Mini golf course

Want you very own putting green? Call an installation expert for artificial turf near you and they will be happy to replicate an authentic golf course in your backyard. These personal putting greens are ideal for small, weirdly shaped areas of your yard like that small strip of grass alongside your home.

Lawn chess

This has to be the coolest option yet! If you love playing chess, consider installing lawn chess into your backyard. You can create a gigantic chess board in your very own yard by alternating turf with a stone of your choice.

Also, the board is super easy to maintain and you won’t need to mow your lawn to keep the board squares neat. Even when you are not using it, the chess (or checkers) board makes for a beautiful landscaping feature.

Installers for Artificial Turf Near Me

Artificial grass turf is an incredibly versatile option that offers endless landscaping possibilities. You can keep yourself, your family, and your friends always entertained year round with several activities that come with an artificial turf.

Stop worrying about constantly mowing or watering the real grass. Save your time and money by transforming your home and reaching your backyard’s full potential.

Call us at 855-813-8787 and our team of installers and designers will help you get the backyard of your dreams.

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