ARTIFICIAL TURF: Why Artificial Turf is More Eco-Friendly Than Natural Grass

Are you looking for an artificial turf installation near you? In the last few years, as people have started to become more environmentally-conscious, many homeowners in Contra Costa County have chosen to install artificial grass.

Artificial turf is not only long-lasting but it is also much eco-friendlier than natural grass. Don’t believe us? Read on to find out how artificial grass beats the natural grass when it comes to saving the planet.

It consumes less water

You know how frequent the water crisis is in California, which makes water a huge commodity in Contra Costa County. Water can be especially scarce here during the summer, which means if you have a natural lawn it will most likely suffer as well.

Did you know that nearly 60% of all water used on land goes to maintain the natural grass? It’s not only a huge waste of water but it also increases your water bill significantly!

When it comes to an artificial turf or synthetic grass, you don’t have to spray one single drop of water to maintain it. The huge savings on your water bill alone will be worth investing in artificial turf installation near you.

Imagine how many millions of gallons of water we’d all save by simply switching to synthetic grass.

It doesn’t contaminate local water sources

Since we are on the subject of water, you should note that the different chemical pesticides and fertilizers used in the natural lawn also affect the local sources of drinking water. When you water the grass or when it rains heavily, the powerful chemicals in your, say, weed-killers can seep into the water sources.

The ground absorbs these chemicals, contaminating the drinking water, as well as the ocean. The filtration and desalination processes have to work way harder to purify your drinking water, reducing their effectiveness.

On the other hand, you don’t need to spray any dangerous chemicals to keep your artificial turf green and lush as the synthetic grass doesn’t attract any bugs, weeds or pests.

It decreases the carbon emissions

If you have a natural grass lawn, you know it takes lawn mowers, scarifiers, strimmers, and several other types of maintenance equipment to keep it in tip-top shape. All of these machines use fuel – diesel or petrol – to run, which means they also emit harmful greenhouse gases.

You can have a perfectly trimmed and green lawn with artificial turf installation near you. You will never have to use any environment-damaging equipment again to maintain your luscious grass. Artificial grass simply helps you diminish your carbon footprint on Earth.

It reduces pollution

As insane as it sounds, studies show that using equipment like leaf blowers and lawn mowers add to the problem of pollution. Yes, these tools make gardening super easy, but they also pollute the very air you breathe in!

Artificial grass obviously doesn’t use any of these damaging pieces of equipment to stay fresh and clean. It can be cleaned with a hand-held brush and doesn’t require any heavy-duty tools.

It reduces time and energy consumption

No matter how ecologically beneficial artificial turf is, some homeowners will always prefer having a natural grass lawn.

But then you should also keep in mind that maintaining a natural lawn requires you to constantly mow, edge, trim, clean, and feed it. Garden maintenance is no joke; it’s a highly time-and energy-consuming activity.

Also, if you don’t really know much about gardening, you can end up damaging the grass and nearby plants by using too much water or fertilizers. In order to make sure your natural grass lawn stays green and shiny, you’ll need to hire a professional gardener, which can be a costly affair.

Artificial Turf Installation Near Me in Contra Costa County

Tired of maintaining your garden? If you are ready to install artificial turf and start doing your bit toward the environment, contact us. Whether you want artificial grass for a playground, pet turf, or a synthetic putting green in your backyard, our skilled technicians at Artificial Turf Installers can help you.

If you want to spend less time and money tending to your garden and more time enjoying it, call us at 855-813-8787 or write to us for a free estimate. Remember, every drop counts!

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