What is The Ideal Length For Artificial Grass in My Home?

What is The Ideal Length For Artificial Grass in My Home?

Considering artificial grass installation for your home in the Inland Empire? When it comes to artificial turf, there are so many options you can go with. 

From color and quality, the market is filled with choices. But what about the length of the grass blades on your turf? Read on to find out how to choose the right length for the grass blades. 

Whether you are installing a backyard putting green or pet turf, the length of the grass blades is an important factor you need to consider. Different lengths are used for different purposes and contrary to what many people believe – not all artificial grass is the same

This is why you should schedule a consultation with an experienced artificial turf installer before making a final decision. 

Can artificial grass be too long? 

Artificial turf that’s too long might be prone to breaking, bending, or matting over time. When homeowners in Inland Empire decide to get artificial grass and choose to install it themselves, they generally end up with excessively long turf. 

Can artificial grass be too short? 

If the artificial grass is hacked too short, it can look threadbare. Thanks to the advancements in technology, the modern turf today looks as real as real grass. But if you give it a buzzcut, the threads and backing are going to be very visible, making it look really ugly. 

A professional installer will help you avoid these types of issues. If you are not sure of the length of synthetic grass you need, feel free to get in touch with the Artificial Turf Install experts. 

Different Artificial Grass Lengths & Specific Applications 

Landscape Turf

If you want landscape turf, you have to choose a turf that’s tall enough to look vibrant and lush. However, it shouldn’t be so tall that it starts to look wilted or bend under the weight of the weather. Generally, landscape turf is 1.5 – 2 inches long, depending on other minor factors. 

Backyard Putting Turf 

In most cases, a backyard putting green can be anywhere from one-third of an inch to one inch long. It also depends on what type of resistance you want, what type of ground you want to simulate, etc. If you’re not sure which backyard putting green will be the best option for you, call Artificial Turf Install pros for an expert opinion. 

Sports & Play Area Turf 

The play area artificial grass needs to be over 2 inches long because more cushioning is necessary for improved impact resistance and safe play. It can also depend on how old your kids are and whether you have pets. 

It will vary depending on what type of activities you will be engaging in as well. But two inches is usually the minimum turf length. 

Call Artificial Turf Install For Creative Artificial Grass Solutions 

We are known for using top-notch quality products mingled with on-point customer service for homeowners in Inland Empire. If you’re considering installing an artificial turf pet area, play area, putting green, or something else, let us help! 

Contact our certified turf team at 855-813-8787 or leave us a message here for a free consultation. 

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